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Motorola wins injunction against Microsoft in Germany

Motorola have been granted an injunction to stop Microsoft not only as some headlines in the tech press state, banning the selling of the XBox360 in Germany but also Windows 7 and supplying Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player as … Continue reading

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BBC iPlayer comes to Xbox360

The XBox360 only just gets better and better in my opinion, with now having the fantastic catch-up service from the BBC in iPlayer it now adds a large and superb range of TV programming to this platform. “The BBC and … Continue reading

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Microsoft Xbox360 Kinect outsells rival Sony PlayStation Move.

The Xbox360 Kinect system with its controller free controls has captured the gaming console gamers in their millions as it looks as if from the figures below that gamers are not taking to still using some sort of controller. “PlayStation … Continue reading

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Microsoft to release SDK for Xbox360 Kinect

  I think this is one of the best things Microsoft could have done in releasing the Software Developers Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers to create new applications around the Kinect device. “Every year about this time, Craig Mundie, … Continue reading

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