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Apple looses UK appeal against Samsung

Apple has lost one of a number of long running global appeals against Samsung in relation to Samsung allegedly copying their iPad design. This appeal was in the UK courts and the judges today have ruled that Samsung did not … Continue reading

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Microsoft releases Surface RT prices

Microsoft today have released the prices for the RT version of their new Surface tablet, the prices start from £399 for the 32GB version without the Touch Keyboard (Black). The Touch keyboard as an optional extra is £99.99 and comes … Continue reading

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Kia Motors and Microsoft team up with UVO eService

Kia Motors and Microsoft have collaborated on an in-car telematics application which has the functions of gathering data from your car and driving style, this can then feedback to the owner, when maintenance schedules such as servicing are alerted to … Continue reading

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Is Apples voice control Siri biased?

Well it looks as if Apples iPhone based voice control Siri is not all she is cracked up to be, in that from a complaint from Nokia, the results of a question users could ask on “what is the best … Continue reading

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File sharers move to VPNs to beat bans on The Pirate Bay in UK

One of my massive interests in the tech arena is the battle between copyright holders and the warez (illegal software or media) suppliers/search services. Today some news being reported, is the increasing use of VPN (Virtual Private Networks) in sharing … Continue reading

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Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs released

I have to say I have been awaiting this release of CPUs and Chipsets from Intel over the Sandy Bridge chips, these Ivy Bridge CPU’s are based off Intel’s latest Tri-Gate transistors.   The Ivy Bridge CPUs are to give … Continue reading

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Skype to hire 400 new staff in UK and Sweden

Microsoft Owned Skype are to expand in Europe and thus going to take on near 400 new staff to cover this expansion in London and Stockholm,   “Skype is to hire 400 people between London and Stockholm, as the Microsoft-owned … Continue reading

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BBC iPlayer comes to Xbox360

The XBox360 only just gets better and better in my opinion, with now having the fantastic catch-up service from the BBC in iPlayer it now adds a large and superb range of TV programming to this platform. “The BBC and … Continue reading

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Europe’s biggest WiFi Zone set for London

I have to say that this is a great bit of news but why just London, yes its to likely co-inside with the 2012 Olympics but this type of thing should be rolled out across many cities, as London is … Continue reading

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Website Blocking Law to be dumped by UK Government

Well this is one bit of news that I’m really happy with as for me when you introduce website blocking you are entering the realms of creating a nanny censorship state and the amount of legitimate website that would be … Continue reading

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