Change Windows 8 Metro IE to Desktop IE

In Windows 8 by default Internet Explorer 10 is set to the Metro IE version over the more recognisable and more in my opinion usable desktop version of IE10, but help is at hand and we can change this, if you wish.

IE10 Metro IE10 Desktop

            Metro IE10                                     Desktop IE10

To change the default opening Metro IE10 to the Desktop version of IE10 then a few settings need to be changed,

Open the Desktop and then open IE10 > Open the Tools menu (either click the gear in the top right corner or if like me you have the menu showing click the Tools > choose the Programs Tab, or Alt+X)

IE Tools 01a  IE Tools 01

In the Opening Internet Explorer section and the Choose how you open links dropdown menu choose “Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop”

IE Tools 02

If you want any of the Tiles pinned to the Start screen to open the links in the Desktop IE version then check the “Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop” and click apply, close and then open IE from the Start Screen.


If you want to change the default opening Metro IE version to another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) open the control panel, to easily do this right click in the bottom left hand corner and choose Control Panel.


Then click > Programs > Default Programs > Set your Default Programs.

programs 01  programs 02

Look down the list and choose your favoured browser.

programs 03

One I have installed on this install of Windows 8 is the Alpha version of Firefox Nightly, so highlight it and choose “Set this program as default” > OK


I hope this helps in allowing you to choose the Desktop IE10 version if you are more happy using that one over the Metro version and in allowing you to choose a different browser to use.

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3 Responses to Change Windows 8 Metro IE to Desktop IE

  1. Sunitha says:

    this helped a lot. Thanks for posting this helpful tip

  2. GW says:

    You’re a scholar & a gentleman! .. saved my client mucho angst 🙂

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