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EU Trade Committee MEP’s dismiss Acta

This was a vote I was waiting to hear what the results of as I blogged about the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) law on copyright protection and illegal file sharing of media back in April HERE. Today sees the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 announced

Well hot of the new of the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet is the news on the forthcoming release of Windows Phone 8, reading Joe Belfiore’s post on the Windows Phone Team’s blog earlier the device sounds really good and … Continue reading

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Microsoft Announce Surface Tablet PCs

I know that Microsoft had a big announcement at an event in Hollywood yesterday but I never saw a Microsoft branded tablet being it! I do however when thinking about this move more have to think a Surface branded tablet … Continue reading

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Microsoft release Windows 8 Release Preview version

Microsoft have now released the Windows 8 Release Preview version of their new Windows operating System. I would liken this release to what many who have beta tested Windows before to the old RTM version, bar show stopper bugs, this … Continue reading

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