EU to vote on controversial Acta law

hackerLater the European Union (EU) is to vote on the controversial Acta law which some have said if implemented will stifle free speech and potentially cause some internet users to be drawn into legal issues through no fault of their own.

By drawn into legal issues for internet users I mean that in some instances a user could be blamed for downloading an illegal copy-writed film or music, when in fact they are innocent, as the IP address could be same as other users or their PC has malware or their Wi-Fi if not secure could be used by others.


“A controversial anti-piracy agreement is back under scrutiny as the European Parliament prepares to carry out a series of key votes.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) seeks to curb the spread of illegally downloaded copyrighted material online.

However, critics say it is a potential threat to freedom of speech online.

To date 22 member states, including the UK, have signed the treaty – but it is yet to be formally ratified by the EU.

While the agreement covers the counterfeiting of physical items, such as pharmaceuticals, it is the measures relating to pirated material on the internet that have caused most concern among campaigners.”

It will be interesting to read the final results on the vote and you know that whatever the result some of the main hacking groups will target some sites with DDoS attacks as they have done in the past.

Read the full article at BBC Technology News HERE

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