Will the UK Gov meet broadband targets

164ASP21704517Reading this article today I’m reminded of a few things one is that companies like 30 seconds of fame in an article and that random think tanks are just that, random as they cannot predict the future any better then you or I.

The UK has really bad broadband by the standards I would set and this is due to us actually being a major developer of the modern internet (see Tim Berners-Lee) so its beggars belief that we are so behind many other countries in regard to our internet hubs.

“A £1.1bn funding gap means the government’s targets for broadband are unlikely to be met, says a report by the London School of Economics.

The government wants 100% access to fast broadband services and 90% access to superfast services by 2015.

The report says the government should do more to ensure that underinvestment does not harm the UK economy.

A rise in broadband penetration of 10% can lead to a 0.9%-1.5% boost in GDP per capita, the report adds.

The cost of meeting the targets will be £2.4bn but funding for broadband from all public sources amounts to a total of £1.3bn, according to the LSE report, which was sponsored by customer management software company Convergys. That leaves an estimated £1.1bn gap that private investors will be expected to fill, it says.”

I have to say WHY do the taxpayer need to fund this expansion of internet and “superfast” broadband, when in the end its the ISP that will reap the rewards and our cash!? The internet companies need to step up to the plate and invest, only through investment in the infrastructure will they gain rewards. 

Read the full article at BBC Technology news HERE

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