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EU to vote on controversial Acta law

Later the European Union (EU) is to vote on the controversial Acta law which some have said if implemented will stifle free speech and potentially cause some internet users to be drawn into legal issues through no fault of their … Continue reading

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Anyone want a Cookie?

Every time I think or hear the word Cookies the picture of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street appears in my head spouting the immortal line of “Me want Coookiees” but cookies from Sunday (27/05/2012) have more of a significance to … Continue reading

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Kia Motors and Microsoft team up with UVO eService

Kia Motors and Microsoft have collaborated on an in-car telematics application which has the functions of gathering data from your car and driving style, this can then feedback to the owner, when maintenance schedules such as servicing are alerted to … Continue reading

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LinkedIn for Windows Phone 7

Finally LinkedIn have released their Windows Phone 7 (WP7)app and in the short time I have been using it, I can say it is really polished and fluid application. I have read some reviews of the iPhone version vs the … Continue reading

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Is Apples voice control Siri biased?

Well it looks as if Apples iPhone based voice control Siri is not all she is cracked up to be, in that from a complaint from Nokia, the results of a question users could ask on “what is the best … Continue reading

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The Pirate Party banned from promoting The Pirate Bay

The political arm so to speak of the Pirate Bay one of the most famous of file sharing links sites has been banned by a Dutch court from having links to the Pirate Bay site on theirs as well as … Continue reading

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The “New” Bing, the search engine gets updates

Microsoft yesterday announced the next raft of updates for their ever growing in user base Bing search engine (approx. 15% of the search market ), the updates should start to be available to users in the USA from June 2012 … Continue reading

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Stereotypical UK weather

Just a bit of fun and not serious but I noticed this today in Windows 8’s weather app for my location Liverpool. While many may scoff and joke at the UK being always raining (OK it has been a bit … Continue reading

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Facebook enters the “app” market

Facebook have announced their entrance into the “app” (application) marketplace, the apps that are going to be on the “App Center” will all have a connection to the user using Facebook compatible apps via their mobile device (iOS and Android). … Continue reading

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Will the UK Gov meet broadband targets

Reading this article today I’m reminded of a few things one is that companies like 30 seconds of fame in an article and that random think tanks are just that, random as they cannot predict the future any better then … Continue reading

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