Windows 8 “Release Preview” due June

Windows 8 logoMicrosoft are to release the “Release Preview” version of Windows 8, their next Operating System in June, so Steven Sinofsky has told a developer conference in Japan. This will likely be the last version, barring some internal builds before final “Release To Manufacturing” (RTM), sometime in October, just in-time for the Christmas period.

So far I find Windows 8 “Customer Preview” very good, and I’m using it on my netbook right this moment to type up this blog post, so I cannot wait to see what updates and tweaks are added in the “Release Preview”.

“Microsoft has announced that a second preview version of its new operating system will be available in June.

Windows 8 represents a radical overhaul for the company as it attempts to capture the tablet market as well as feed its traditional PC cash-cow.

Windows president Steven Sinofsky said that the “release preview” would be the closest yet to the final version.

Microsoft has not said when that will be available, but most commentators point to an October release.”

Read full article at BBC Technology News HERE

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2 Responses to Windows 8 “Release Preview” due June

  1. Alexander Maxham says:

    So far I’m not all that happy with Windows 8. It’s like they are bringing windows mobile to your laptop. I’ll be sticking to Windows 7 for a while or moving over to Lion/Mountain Lion when Apple releases it.

  2. davidgp says:

    Hi Alex, I agree with you on Metro and Microsoft are going the route of combining not only Windows and Windows phone, but also Xbox360, the last update for the Xbox360 is pretty much following how the likes of Music, Video etc looks in Windows 8.

    Now is Metro going to appeal to all, well NOT at all and I have commented on this not only in Microsoft circles, but on the forum I admin on and this blog, in which more so corporate customers will never go for Windows 8 on desktops, the Metro UI would be way way too alien for many users to get used too. Which really leads me to believe that Microsoft will have to issue a fix to add the Start menu orb back again.

    I hope that the Release Preview will highlight more.

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