Apple Mac OSX hit again by Malware

VirusIn as many weeks, Apples Mac OSX is hit by another Java malware exploit called SabPub. I just as I have mentioned in the past that Apple are really on the edge of an explosion of malwares that will target this platform. Its the price you pay these days for being popular.

“In a set of recent updates to Mac OS X, Apple patched a vulnerability in Java that had allowed a Malware infection known as Flashback to spread to some 700K of its computers. Now, a new backdoor Java threat called SabPub has reared its head, validating Apple’s aggressive measures to block issues due to the plugin.

Internet security firm Kasperksy details a new malware variant called Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a that is being spread using another exploit in Java.”

Full Article at The Next News HERE with some workarounds for now until Apple release another fix is to disable the Java web plugin

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3 Responses to Apple Mac OSX hit again by Malware

  1. thisisu says:

    Hi David. Nice post 😉

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  3. Alexander Maxham says:

    Nice post! I linked to it in my blog post about the flashback malware today:

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