Bringing back the Start Menu in Windows 8

Windows 8 logoNow that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is with us, I have to say that in using for the past week Windows 8 on my Netbook and getting to grips with Metro UI in a work and play situation, I’m finding it easier to use on a PC opposed to just my Windows 7 Phone.

There are a few there are a few things I would like to see changed and improved upon, as in Email, Search, Shutdown, yes you can in Desktop area use Alt+F4 to bring up a Shutdown dialogue box, but this should be IMHO part of the option in Metro, but these are topics for another time.

However and love or hate the fact that the Start Menu Orb has gone in Win8, I like it in part but I know that corporate customers and a fair amount of home users will not, Startdock have created a really good option in Start8 which as you can see below adds not only a Start menu option but they make it blend in very well with the look of Windows 8.


Basically what it looks like it is doing to to combine the All Apps option in Metro, which shows all the apps loaded in a sideways scrolling list and the Search option in one menu it seems to work ok.

A big issue in the above is that the so called Start Menu addition in Start8 is actually in Windows 8 already, if you hover with mouse over the right hand lower area that you get a menu in which search is available and its the same the same thing.

W8 Metro Start

Ok the Start8 menu is easier to get too but I would advise that you give the native Metro UI a go and in a short time of usage you will no doubt get used to it, I know i have.

I do hope that Microsoft give us a Metro Search Icon Tile as that would be perfect.


Download from HERE

Only works in Windows 8

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3 Responses to Bringing back the Start Menu in Windows 8

  1. thisisu says:

    Nice post, David.
    What are your thoughts on User Account Control still being around in Windows 8?

  2. davidgp says:

    Hi Filipos, thanks for the comment, and well my thoughts on UAC still being within Win8 is a good thing, while its not something that power users like, they can disable it or set the lowest setting, but for the general user its a great reminder (although a pain in the butt) in its popup that an application is about to, or can change a user setting or affect the core files.

    Just take CCLeaner for instance, it can cause massive harm to a PC if you are not careful in its usage, so a reminder on an application that could potentially cause issue with your OS is a good one.

    I also think that its not a bad as it used to be in Vista it popped up like “whack-a-mole” but from Windows 7 it became better and less intrusive, as well as being customisable.

    Filipos, what are your thoughts on UAC?

  3. thisisu says:

    Hi David,
    Sorry for the delayed response. Work has been picking up lately.
    You asked me what my thoughts are on UAC.
    Ultimately and quite simply, I wish it was more effective.
    With the types of malware infections we see nowadays, I don’t think there has been an instance where I have said to myself “Thank goodness the user had UAC enabled because this could have been a lot worse”.
    Most (~95%) of the computers I clean IRL have UAC enabled.
    I realize UAC was not designed for the sole purpose of being a malware prevention utility, but regardless, I think it could be a lot more effective than what it currently is.

    Malware authors are not stumped on how to bypass UAC – we are all the way up to Master Boot Record (MBR) and partition creating infections. It does not get much worse than that.

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