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LOL – History of the internet at the National Media Museum

This is one for all you UK tech buffs as the National Media Museum in Bradford are starting on the 30th March 2012 an exhibition into the history of the web called Life on Line or LOL for short, although … Continue reading

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EU Acts to end Mobile Phone Roaming “rip-off”

I think this is great news in this day and age and especially as we are in the main mostly using smart phones like Apple iPhones, Microsoft  Windows Phone, Google Android and Blackberry’s which are all heavy users of data. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Blocks Pirate Bay links

Microsoft are starting to try and block any links to copyrighted material or links to said copyrighted material through their Windows Live Messenger application. It is a great start in the war against copyright theft or malware that can come … Continue reading

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BBC iPlayer comes to Xbox360

The XBox360 only just gets better and better in my opinion, with now having the fantastic catch-up service from the BBC in iPlayer it now adds a large and superb range of TV programming to this platform. “The BBC and … Continue reading

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Groupon given deadline to improve in the UK

I thought this news I was just reading relevant to many readers and viewers of WordPress as Groupon is an app on many a smartphone these days. The laws in the UK to protect customers are wide ranging and protect … Continue reading

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Dubious Anonymous OS causes concern

This is more of a heads up warning as some groups and especially the hacking group Anonymous have distanced themselves from this alleged new OS from them. While i know Linux OSes are pretty malware free, you never know what … Continue reading

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UK "may” get 4G Mobile service later in 2012

Ofcom have announced an application from Everything Everywhere, who are the combined T-Mobile and Orange group venture in the UK, in wanting to use the available 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum for LTE and WiMAX ahead of the planned … Continue reading

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Windows 8 : File History

Previous Versions has been in Windows XP, Vista and 7 and for me has been a saviour at times, especially in work as I do not have admin rights to install a backup solution and System Restore is turned off. … Continue reading

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Bringing back the Start Menu in Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is with us, I have to say that in using for the past week Windows 8 on my Netbook and getting to grips with Metro UI in a work and play situation, I’m finding … Continue reading

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UK ISPs BT and Talk Talk lose appeal against File Sharing Act

Two UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) has lost an appeal against the Digital Economy Act (DEA) which was initially rushed in by the last Labour government, but sadly moved forward by the current coalition of Conservative/Liberal Democrat. “BT and Talk … Continue reading

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