Windows 8 Preview

windows8WOW what can I say but even this bit of news sneaked up on me and I did not have a heads up on this, which is unusual but I guess that given past experiences with the likes of Vista and the public and press perception of it has caused the Windows Product Group to keep the information on next generation Windows versions close to their chests.

But from the video in the link below I have to say I love the “tile” aka Windows Mobile 7 Metro style layout of the main screen, I have a Windows 7 Mobile HTC HD7 and its superb.

Windows 8 Preview

I would love to have a beta version of this new Windows to play with but alias sadly Microsoft do not have one available yet, I would imagine the only viable test version will be a Release Candidate (RC) later in the year, but this will be a near finished version with no main chance for the likes of Microsoft MVPs or TechBeta testers to affect change.

More information HERE from Microsoft Press.

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