Ribbon Hero 2 for Office 2010

Ribbon Hero 2Clippy’s back and for those who don’t know who Clippy is then this HERE should tell all, but this time it is more of a game come teaching aid to help users of Office 2007/2010 either show off their skills in using Office or as a training aid to those less used to the new Office Ribbon menus.

Ribbon Hero 2 005

I personally think this is a great teaching tool as well as a bit of fun. I have come across many users that say they do not like the new Ribbon menus in Office, but personally I find them very intuitive and much easier to use than a menu and sub-menu and sub sub-menu in older Office versions. If you give the new Ribbon menu a good fair test in the end many will come to like it, so this is where I think Ribbon Hero 2 will come in very handy.

Video from the Office Team


I’m giving it a go myself on Office 2010 as I may just learn something new, I do know the various packages within Office quite well but I do not know everything and with ribbon Hero 2 having 6 different skill levels starting from easy tasks to more difficult ones, I’m sure I will learn a few new tricks.

Install is very easy and below are the screenshots from the install I did.

 Ribbon Hero 2 001 Ribbon Hero 2 002 Ribbon Hero 2 004

To run the game/training open up one of the Office packages that Ribbon Hero 2 is compatible with as in my case here Excel, and click the icon as shown below

Ribbon Hero 2 013

Next you will gain the first test to try and in this case its creating a pie chart from some data, then changing the layout so the legend is at the bottom, if you can do this without having to click the Hint option then you gain bonus points.

Ribbon Hero 2 008 Ribbon Hero 2 009 Ribbon Hero 2 010

You can see your progress in the various tests in the below screen.

Ribbon Hero 2 011

Ribbon Hero 2 works with Office 2007 and 2010 and only in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote.

Give it a go, even if you know the Office applications very well, its a great timewaster as well as possibly learning something new. To be honest I would love the next version of Windows Operating System to have something like this also.

Download HERE

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