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Windows Mobile 7 “mango” update

Ahhh while I know I’m a few days late I still think this is a good article to post as I have upgraded my Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 to a Windows Mobile 7 HTC HD7, so the information on … Continue reading

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Google to fix Android leak

Google have announced that they are on their way to issuing a fix for the ID data leak that the Android operating system on many mobile phones has been afflicted with of late. It just seems that 2011 is going … Continue reading

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Apple computers hit by malware

So you have head all the comments by some people that Apple OSX is immune to malware, while this is not fully correct, as its more the fact that malware writers have not targeted their attacks on Apple OSX, until … Continue reading

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Sony still not out of the security woods yet!

Its not going great for Sony of late with the hacking of user personal data a few weeks back. Now the site that they setup to allow users to change their passwords easily is part of a new security issue, … Continue reading

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Ribbon Hero 2 for Office 2010

Clippy’s back and for those who don’t know who Clippy is then this HERE should tell all, but this time it is more of a game come teaching aid to help users of Office 2007/2010 either show off their skills … Continue reading

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ACS:Law fined

Just to round off a story I have been following for some time regarding ACS:Law and their practices to scare internet users into paying fines up front of being taken to court, and in most cases the users where innocent. … Continue reading

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Microsoft to acquire Skype

Microsoft are to acquire Skype in what is a $8.5bn deal, and I think will add to Microsoft portfolio, especially with 600 million plus users of Skype around the world, many of who have likely migrated from the likes of … Continue reading

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Anonymous vs Sony

I maybe completely wrong but I have some suspicions on this latest spat between Sony and the hacker collective “anonymous” in that its a bit co-incidental that anonymous have gained the blame, is this an easy scapegoat do to their … Continue reading

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Stop your PC going to sleep with Insomnia

Insomnia is a great little free application written by David Anson from Microsoft that when run stops your PC going into sleep and while I know that you can set the Power Options in Windows to stop your PC going … Continue reading

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