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Microsoft profits jump 31%

Profits at Microsoft have sored in the past quarter and in part mostly to the great sales in the Business Division of which the flagship software is Office, Office 2010 has been a great success. Other areas of growth have … Continue reading

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Digital Janitor

I like really neat small applications like this that just make your PC life that little bit easier, and Digital Janitor is one such application. Do bare in mind that this is a beta so not the final release of … Continue reading

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Sony to launch two Android based Tablets

I think this year we will see a large rise in tablets from a number of manufacturers in a bid to get a foothold in what is likely to be a massive growth area by the end of the year. … Continue reading

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Tit for Tat – Samsung sues Apple

The merry-go-round of intellectual property is alive and well, with Apple first suing Samsung for copying the look of their iPad to now Samsung firing a return salvo law suit at Apple. “Samsung Electronics is suing Apple, claiming its rival … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone can track users location

I thought this one an interesting story and while I would imagine Apple will not download and use the information from the GPS locator, the ability is there to do exactly this. I have an iPhone, its not my main … Continue reading

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Microsoft Xbox360 Kinect outsells rival Sony PlayStation Move.

The Xbox360 Kinect system with its controller free controls has captured the gaming console gamers in their millions as it looks as if from the figures below that gamers are not taking to still using some sort of controller. “PlayStation … Continue reading

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ACS:Law facing costs over file-sharing cases

This is a story I have been following for some time and when I first heard of the letters that computer and internet users where getting in the mail so accuse them of illegal file sharing, I thought that the … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

If you are that way inclined to test new applications then Microsoft do have Internet Explorer 10 available as a Platform Preview, not these previews are NOT full beta or Release Candidate (RC) versions, they are basic versions that have … Continue reading

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Search Engine Wars Part III

Well just when you though it was safe to dip your toes into the cyberpond its not and round three or is it four or five, I forget… Microsoft and Google are at it again in the search engine wars. … Continue reading

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BT escapes prosecution over web snooping

  BT using its Phorm advertising software to monitor what the users of their services where watching and then to tailor advertisements to that viewing habit was always going to be a potential flashpoint in privacy circles. However it looks … Continue reading

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