Internet Explorer 9 goes final

Finally one of the versions of Internet Explorer (IE) that I feel is a great successor to previous versions of IE in IE9 has been released, it had been downloaded by near 40 million users around the globe in its Release Candidate (RC) form and has been adopted by 2% of Windows 7 users already.

clean_browser_interface  pinning_by_grabbing

This version of Internet Explorer has been redesigned in a few ways, it now uses the power of your Graphics Card to help graphics and video show more smoothly on screen, to the security benefits possibly being better than that of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. I run a test version of Mozilla Firefox in Minefield and its very quick but IE9 on the same PC for me is much quicker.

trusted_home  add-on-performance-advisor


  • Pinned Sites – just drag the icon of the website in the address bar to the Task Bar in Windows 7).
  • Notification Bar – is better with much more information.
  • Download Manager – I have been DCRing (Design Change Request)this for the past few IE versions in beta, and its very good and also scans your downloads for potential malware for you.
  • Add On Performance Advisor – Lets you know what Add-ons maybe slowing our browsing down.
  • Tracking Protection – Stops sites you add to this list from tracking your progress around the site in question and where you have been on other sites.


  • Bookmark Manager is not great and still doesn’t allow you to double click an entry to open the said site, you can right click and choose open, but too many clicks for my liking.

All the above said, its still early days and some more usage over the coming months with the release version will allow us to see if this is a great version of Internet Explorer, personally I think it is.

Give it a try and see what you think!

Learn more and Download from HERE                                                                               (compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit, sadly not XP compatible)

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