Cookies good or bad

cookie_monster-eating-a-cookieWell as cookies do not harbour malware and are mistakenly thought to do so by many applications, so I thought I would follow this story as its very correct in that cookies just follow your movement around a particular website.

“The way websites track visitors and tailor ads to their behaviour is about to undergo a big shake-up.

From 25 May, European laws dictate that “explicit consent” must be gathered from web users who are being tracked via text files called “cookies”.

These files are widely used to help users navigate faster around sites they visit regularly.

Businesses are being urged to sort out how they get consent so they can keep on using cookies.”

It looks as if the European Union is to start forcing websites to alert users to their site/s, to what information is being gathered by the cookies. In the next version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE9) note it is a Release Candidate (test version) at present you do have the option to do this yourself and block the information a website gathers, with Tracking Protection.

Read the full article HERE at BBC Technology News

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