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Microsoft Wave

Microsoft Wave is a website developed by Microsoft UK for showcasing new technologies and developments that are coming out of Microsoft. The site is not about selling you anything but showing you what is available, topics such as Surface 2, … Continue reading

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Amazon Start Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Amazon have seemed to have gotten the jump on its main rivals in Apple and Google, who have been reported to be developing similar services, but have not released them as yet. Maybe a co-incidence that Amazon has released this … Continue reading

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Rustock Spammers Sought

The Rustock spamming botnet was one of the biggest spamming nets in the world until its takedown in February of 2011, this has seen many users have slightly less spam email in their inbox than usual. Now the authorities and … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox 4.0 making download progress

Mozilla Firefox (Fx for short) has made a splash in the browser world with on its first day of release 5 million users downloading it, a bit short of the 8m that downloaded Firefox 3.0 in 2008, but none the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Update KB2524375 to Block Fraudulent Certificates

This update is one you will wish to make sure you have installed, its purpose is to block a set of Certificates that had the digital signature of Comodo as the Certification Authority on them, this could have lead to … Continue reading

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Ofcom in UK announces 4G consultation

The next generation of mobile communications as in 4G will be up for sale to providers like O2, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, The 3 Network, in early 2012. This will open the UK up to much quicker mobile communications than the current … Continue reading

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I have a very bad habit of trying to type way way too quickly on web forums etc. and I mistype or misspell a lot s a consequence of this, so previously I had been using the great ieSpell, but … Continue reading

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Hackers take on Secure ID Tokens

I would say not the best security in the world to let this information out in to the wild and for hackers to actually get to the data, while RSA state that its not as bad as portrayed, I can … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 9 goes final

Finally one of the versions of Internet Explorer (IE) that I feel is a great successor to previous versions of IE in IE9 has been released, it had been downloaded by near 40 million users around the globe in its … Continue reading

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Cookies good or bad

Well as cookies do not harbour malware and are mistakenly thought to do so by many applications, so I thought I would follow this story as its very correct in that cookies just follow your movement around a particular website. … Continue reading

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