Test Drive Internet Explorer 9 RC

internet-explorer-9The Release Candidate for Internet Explorer 9 the next browser version in the series from Microsoft was release a few days ago and I for one actually like this version of Internet Explorer.

This is the last public test release before IE9 goes live, so its the final time that any major bugs can be ironed out. I do like many of the new options from the download manager that scans your downloads before allowing you to run them, to the new privacy options like “never allow websites to request your physical location” and the Tracking Protection as well as ActiveX filtering.

IE9 001  IE9 002

In this Release Candidate version the speed of Internet Explorer is vastly improved from the beta versions and the hardware acceleration works well.

If you like working with beta software or have a spare PC then give IE9 a try, you maybe impressed.

Download HERE                                                                               Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, sadly not Windows XP

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