ACS:Law told file-sharing case must continue by court

I posted about MediaCAT a while back and that they and the linked company of ACS Law had decided to drop the cases against alleged file sharers in the courts HERE.

“I cannot imagine a system better designed to create disincentives to test the issues in court”, said Judge Colin Birss at the Patents County Court in London.

Well in a great bit of news for many in the technology community, the court and Judge Birss have decided, no the case is going ahead as I think he feels that these law suits where scaremongering to many users that had notification of prosecution letters sent to them, some paid up and some decided to have their day in courts.

But the court said that the move was confusing and gave the impression that ACS:Law was attempting to avoid scrutiny.

Judge Birss added that the case could not be discontinued, since the copyright holders themselves should be given time to take further action if they wanted, but strongly criticised the tactics used by the two companies.

“Why take cases to court and test the assertions when one can just write more letters and collect payments from a portion of the recipients?”

This will be an interesting case to see what happens as this will set the president for future legal cases over downloading and copyright.

Read the full article HERE at BBC Technology News

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