Last.FM’s free mobile service to end

Last.FM is to end its free mobile service for smartphone users as soon as next week, it’s a pity as I liked the service, even with the ads. I can see where they are coming from as Spotify paid £10 a month for an ad free mobile based service and is a main rival, to Last.FM.

“Users of online music site will have to pay for its mobile phone service starting from next week.

Until now, the site has provided its personalised radio for free for mobiles, making money by placing adverts between songs instead.

However, it now says this is “not practical” and is instead asking users to pay for an ad-free service.”

The service for mobile customers will be £3 a month so not too bad if you like your on the move radio, however you will not be able to pick your tracks. The website version is still free and if you are a user of Windows Mobile 7 and an XBox360 then seems your still ok for free music. The BBC article alludes to Microsoft pickup up that tab.

Read full article at BBC Technology News HERE and the Last.FM blog HERE

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