SoftwarePDFJumbler is a free and really good simple application to allow you to open up a PDF file and re-arrange the pages, delete, merge pages. The whole interface is easy to use as its virtually drag and drop.

“A simple tool to rearrange/merge/delete pages from PDF files.”

I opened a guide I’m working on and in the first image its default and all I did was to drag page 2 to the top in the second image.

pdfjumbler 001       pdfjumbler 002

To merge two or more PDF documents together, all you need to do is to click the small folder icon to open them and they are merged, from there you can move pages around or delete if needed.

Download from HERE                                                                          (Works in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, I have tested in Windows 7 x64)

Note: download the Click to download setup-pdfjumbler-0.16.exe file or later version when available from the Project Feed list if you are using Windows *edit: I was informed that the version 17 link is now dead, so have changed to the previous version 16 which is still good.

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