My current mobile phone is a HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile 6.5) and the main HTC Sense screen is a superb animated clock plus weather, which is a bit of an eye catching thing. HTCHome is a great clone of this for Microsoft Windows based PCs.

     HTCHome 001     HTCHome 002

You can customise the weather stations used from Foreca, MSN or FreeMeteo or change the size of the weather/clock to pinning it in a specific location.

HTC Home 2 is first of all a widget with a clock, weather forecast and realistic animation. You can watch clouds floating across your desktop, rain drops slide down your screen and even lightning striking here and there. The quality and accuracy of weather forecast are guaranteed by The Weather Channel and MSN and others.

You can get new themes if you do not like the original HTC Sense look, as well as add-on’s like a Calendar, Music or Bookmark widgets.

Also from the same developers is a clone of the Windows Mobile 7 front screen in Metro, which is very clean and simple looking, although the Metro one does not have an installer and in Windows 7 I had to unblock all of the DLL files, so may not be for everyone yet, but it looks good and the tiles do animate.

Meteo oo1

Download both HERE

Note: The download and installer are the web based installer so you will need internet access to install this application. I tested it on Windows 7 x64 and works fine.

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