USBDview is a free application from the NirSoft range and allow you to not only view the USB devices connected to your PC, and give you valuable information like VendorID, ProductID but also gives the power usage of the USB device. This can be at times good for troubleshooting any USB issues as they maybe power related.


You can using the View > Choose Columns menu as shown in the smaller menu list above, change the options on the information shown as by default its a long list.

Download HERE (both 32bit and 64bit versions available)

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2 Responses to USBDview

  1. Mal Ware says:

    malwarebytes gives me trojan warning!

    • davidgp says:

      HI are you as your email says from malwarebytes company as if you are please do contact me and you can via Majorgeeks, as the USBDView does not give me any warning and I’m using Windows 8.1 64bit and even in VMMs using XP. Vista and 7. But as a security specialist you will also know that some hardware ID applications could give a malware warning in newer OSes as they are delving deep into ID files and locked admin folders.

      I just run latest Malwarebytes on my PC and the download of USBDview (this is not an installable app but standalone).

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