Virus writers hit Google Android phones


The next big area for malware writers are Smart Phone’s due to the ever increasing popularity of these phones from the Apple iPhones, to the Google Android and Windows Mobile based phones. Many users just think its their Windows desktop PC that can become infected with malware (trojans and virii) so do not always suspect a rogue application as going to cause harm, but as we now have apps for banking and shopping on our phones its a very viable new risk.

A malicious application that can steal cash via phones running Google’s Android operating system has been found.The program poses as a media player but once installed starts sending premium rate text messages. The service being sent messages is operated by the malicious app’s creator, who scoops up the fees. Discovered by Kaspersky Labs, it is believed to be the first booby-trapped application for Android.

In a security advisory Kaspersky said that the virus – Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a – is being spread by text message. The message prompts users to install an application, 13KB in size, which purports to be a media player. The virus was most prevalent among Russian Android users. The risk to Android owners worldwide is believed to be low.

Read more the the article at BBC Tech News HERE

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