Create Synchronicity


I do like backup applications that are small in size as they do not really need to be a large size for creating sync backup folders, Synchronicity is such a application, very small in size and the added bonus is that it has a portable version for those who like applications that go on USB pen, been trying this one out today, its got some great features as listed below, I took some screenshots of the software at work on my PC.


Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lightweight open source synchronization and backup tool developed in VB.Net, available in many languages. It aims at making the backup process as easy as possible, and yet remains fully customizable.

  • Fully customizable synchronization, including:
  • Limited synchronization: synchronize some folders only, or synchronize folders contents without synchronizing subfolders.
  • Full regex support for files inclusion/exclusion
  • 3 synchronization methods:
  • Mirror
  • One-way incremental
  • Two-ways incremental
  • File hashing
  • Nice user interface
  • Complete preview support
  • Support for multiple profiles
  • Fully portable: settings are stored in a single config file
  • Advanced features:
  • File hashing, various comparison options

  • Download this Free application HERE

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