A guide to help environmentalists choose their Hummer replacing poster child


A  bit of alternate news for a change and a website I have been involved with from its conception is Pedal To The Metal, and a fun story is this below. Pedal To The Metal is a great site for motoring as well as all modes of transport news, has serious and really fun articles, so do check it out.

I have always wondered what could possibly replace the Hummer if the brand was killed off. After all, the environmental lovers need a poster child to chase after. Good needs evil. Sure, being able to claim victory over the death of the Hummer brand will be awesome for these groups, but soon enough (6 months?) they will need to chase after a new poster child. I could come up with about 20 suggestions, but let’s take a look at some of the more obvious ones….

Article HERE

Main Pedal To The Metal site HERE

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