Parents guide to security online for children


With the internet age very well incorporated into our every day lives, and with more and more of our children using technology to communicate this leaves open the door for some of the internets darker sides in predators. To help bring more awareness to the perils of the internet Microsoft with some other partners have created a Keeping Children Safe page, with a lot of information on how best to keep your children safe.

“Microsoft believes strongly that the Internet should be a safe place for young people and adults alike. We work with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. They, in turn, work in partnership with the Department for Children, Families and Schools (DCFS), police forces, offender managers, children’s services and other stakeholders in protecting children, young people, families and society as a whole from paedophiles and sex offenders; in particular those who use the Internet and other new technologies in the sexual exploitation of children.”


The Family Safety Online webpage and guides are very good HERE

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