IE8 SmartScreen in action


I know that there are many a post on web forums and blogs etc that say Internet Explorer is bad, its evil and you should move to an alternative browser, but do you really need too? for me I would honestly say no, there is no need as its not in the main the browser that causes users to gain malware but their surfing habits.

This is where IE8 and its SmartScreen comes in handy and I will quote some text from Dean Hachamovitch and from his MSDN Blog

IE8’s SmartScreen now blocks malware sites over two million times a day. IE8 offers a lot of protection from real-world attacks: phishing protection, a cross-site scripting filter, and Protected Mode (I may run as an administrator, but my browser doesn’t). With attacks on the rise, using (or upgrading to) a browser with this much protection is more important than ever. IE8 also offers great reliability because of process-isolation, and offers users the ability to manage add-ons that affect performance and stability. InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering are also quite handy.

Read the full post at Dean’s blog HERE

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