Windows 7 is now released


Well Windows 7 is finally with us and is available to all and not like me users of MSDN, TechNet, MVPs and Technical Beta Testers. I have to say that Windows 7 in the past 3 months I have been using the release version its not coughed or spluttered once, the install is a smooth one and much much quicker than that of Vista and more so XPs lengthy install.

I would though if you are to install Windows 7 on your PC make sure than your PC and its hardware is compatible with Windows 7 and the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is good for this, but also check with your PC manufacturer for up to date drivers for Windows 7, plus also check for updates to your favourite software.

Some news on the release of Windows 7 from BBC Technology News.

Microsoft is hoping that its newly-launched operating system will be one that "doesn’t let you down".

Early sales figures indicate that consumers do not feel let down at all. More than 500 people queued outside PC World in central London to be the first to get a copy when the store opened at midnight on October 21. A spokesperson for the store said Windows 7 packages were selling at a rate of three per minute between midnight and 0100BST.

"Across the group, within the first hour of trading this morning we were up 180% on sales," said Anina Castle from DSGi group – an electrical retailer which includes Dixons, Currys and PC World.

The figure was set against a standard day of Vista sales. DSGi’s top selling upgrade was the home premium family pack, which contains licences for up to three users.

"The early signs are that customers appreciate the new operating system," added Ms Castle. "The sales so far are above our expectations.

Rest of article HERE

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