Apple Snow Leopard looses data


Just to be a bit fair and as Microsoft and Windows gains a lot of flack for its bugs, in the likely rush to release Snow Leopard for Apple MACs it seems Apple may have rushed this release as one glaring bug is that if you logon as a guest the main user accounts are deleted!!

Bugs and issues these days will happen and both Apple and Microsoft do as much as they can to test the applications before release but not all scenarios can be tested, just depends on the amount of beta testers signed up to a particular project and the scenarios they are handed to test, I know in Microsoft’s case Windows 7 had many many scenarios for beta testers to try and in using the release of Windows 7 for last few months I can say its not causing any issues on the 3 PCs I have.

Part of article from BBC Tech News

Users of the new Apple operating system Snow Leopard are experiencing massive data losses when logging into their machines under a guest account.

The problem appears to affect those who had a guest account enabled before upgrading to Snow Leopard.

Users have in some cases lost their entire main profile, including sites, pictures, videos and documents.

The problem, reported by more than 100 users on discussion forums, surfaced shortly after the OS’s August release.

The issue follows closely on the heels of vast data losses by the Sidekick handset in the US, whose software was designed by Microsoft subsidiary Danger.

Unwelcome guest

Indications are that the Snow Leopard bug simply treats the principal account like a guest account – meaning that the account profile is wiped clean when logging out.

Users who first log into a guest account and then into their normal account have found it to be completely reset to factory default settings, with none of their personal data or files visible.

"I’ve been using Macs for decades…what the heck have I done here?" wrote user Wingrove on the Apple discussion forums on Monday.

"Repeated restarts and logins never get me back to me usual user acc(ount)."

Full Article HERE at BBC Technology News

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