Volery (Easy PC Setup)


Just something I was trying last week in a novel idea to get a PC up and running with your favoured apps quickly and hands free!! It doesn’t cover every application but covers many common ones, but do feedback to the developers on apps you think maybe good to add into the list.


“Volery works in the background, 100% hands-free.
We install apps with default settings and
say "no" to browser toolbars and other junk.
All we do is install the apps you choose.
Not even volery is installed.”


Volery is beta and by invite only at present and will in the future be paid application (no prices set at present), I tried it in Windows 7 and worked at treat, did have to run the installer as admin, so maybe same in Vista, but liked the idea so much that I did feedback to the creators the fact that I thought it a great app and time saver, Patrick Swieskowski one of the creators emailed me and kindly offered a demo code for visitors to my blog, so if you want to try this app out click the icon below and enter the demo code gobbledgeek (good for 1st 100 users).


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