Matt’s Helper-Outer


Matt’s Helper Outer is a really neat small application to aid you doing many of the jobs that command line and delving into the control panel would do, while you can do all these jobs manually, I find that applications like this are invaluable and with this one covering many areas that many of use wish to tweak and tinker with when troubleshooting PCs, its a great app.





This is a basic program for Microsoft Windows 2000 and upwards. It’s not in active development, but feel free to download it and use it as you wish, other than selling it on or ripping it off.

Think of it as a lazy man’s interface to the command line. You’ll find some common commands, which can be executed at the touch of a button. Fixes for Microsoft Updates and Installer, networking bits, and a common print fix. I’d put screenshots up, but for the 2.8Mb of bandwidth required to download it, I think I’d rather just let you play with it yourselves.”


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