Copy Path


Copy Path is a small, free Windows shell extension that adds the ability to copy the path, folder path, or filename within the right click shell extension menu. It works on individual or multiple selected files and folders.

While this option is built into Vista and Windows 7 by holding Shift and then Right Clicking and choosing Copy as Path, its a nice right click alternative for the none shortcut keys users among us, however this option does not give a UNC path copy, whereas Copy File does.


 Screenshot above is from a 32bit version of Windows 7 in Virtual PC 2007


Only issue at present is the one that this add-on extension does not work in 64bit Windows 7 at present, hopefully as Windows 7 becomes widely more used the developer Ralph Arvesen will update it.

  • Path, folderpath, or filename: you can specify whether to copy the entire path, the filename only, or the folder path only.
  • UNC: can generate a UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) path, which can be very useful. For example “\\YOURCOMPUTER\C$\File.txt” instead of “C:\File.txt”.
  • Multiple items: select multiple files and folders and copy the path for all at once into the clipboard.
  • I like that it’s an individual download not bundled with other functions.
  • Will display the path in the context menu itself (see screenshot above). Note that this is optional and can be switched off.

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